I love a strong use of color and the chemistry that happens when colors mingle and blend. My creative process is as organic as my abstract work, as I allow it to unfold in its own way. Sometimes I dance with the art, and other times I just wait to see what will emerge next. Whether it’s photography or painting, I always find that one inspires the other. I like to bring beauty from and into everyday life.

Curiosity and a passion for exploring the unknown and see what emerges is the main driver for my creativity regardless of the medium. Photography and painting are my main creative outlets these days and I find daily that one feed the other and vice versa. I love a strong use of color, light, textures and interesting angles. There is an energetic spark to my work that varies with each piece. After getting a degree in Art, I spent several years as a graphic designer in a university setting where I was able to continually develop my creative eye and learn new technology. Currently I am a full time visual artist living in Austin, Texas continuing to explore creativity in new ways.


1978 B.S. in Communication Design, Minor in Photography

Texas State University, San Marcos, TX


Work History

1/78 – present Freelance Visual Artist/Graphic Designer

1/01 – 11/02 Multimedia Instructor, Austin Community College, Austin, TX

7/00 – 12/01 Graphic Designer III, Texas Historical Commission, Austin, TX

10/81 – 7/00 Graphic Designer, Media Services, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX


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